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January 27th, 2006

07:47 pm - taufik in LIME mag
it is so predictable that Taufik would appear in this month's FEB magazine.

does Singapore Idol Auditions has anything to do with it? Hell yes. LoL.

Well, dad brought home LIME and found two Taufik relatiis.

Image heavy ..unless you think two is light.

smoke screenCollapse )

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December 1st, 2005

12:48 am - Taufik's 1st Year Annivessary as Singapore Idol

Congratulations, Taufik! :D

Check out TB.net, ok?

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November 21st, 2005

05:18 pm - .: Idol No More? :.

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March 8th, 2005

12:00 am - Fiknatic Debut Outing! :))
Join Fiknatic's Debut Outing!
Join Fiknatic's Debut Outing!

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February 21st, 2005

07:31 pm
its been a long time since the last magazines scans that i posted/comment on anything
decided to share the pics i took yesterday as i accompany my lil' cousin scent_of_a_rose

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February 11th, 2005

02:56 pm - Blends
Hey guys! I was just playing around with photoshop and these are the results.

err..not that nice okayCollapse )
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February 9th, 2005

03:01 am - Happy Lunar New Year!

It feels like ages since I last posted here. Hayy CNY, everyone! :D

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February 7th, 2005

12:07 pm
I was listening to Blessings yesterday.

Ok, please hold back those knives, parangs and swords for a minute after I say:

I didn't really like the song One Last at all.


Ok, this is when you try to resist the urge to become an angry mob. Haha. Anyways, I decided to give it a chance and listen to it more carefully. See, since I heard Taufik sing part of the song live, I was wondering, woah, wow, I need to listen to more of that, and realized I didn't give the song much chance. So I went back home and listened whole heartedly for once.

And I like it! Frankly prior to yesterday, I thought that it sounded alright, not very interesting but then I realized some of the lyrics were incredibly sweet. Like the one about the perfume...lol.

So, I was wondering, which song from Blessings is your favourite, and why?

Mine would be All The Love or Ibu(sorry, I know I'm cheating here. Pick one only!). Yes. I love Ibu because it's a classic, the piano solo is lovely. I like the arrangements of the classic song, and the intro is one of the best parts of the song. The riff/intro music(if that's what you can call it) is pretty sultry and his message to his mother, his voice is soft and soulful.

Ok, enough from me, how about you? : D
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February 5th, 2005

06:20 pm
Hey people!!!

Did anyone go to Singapore Poly today?

: D

I did! If anyone wants to know, I was the girl in the red spongebob tee yet again. had my hair down as well. wore my fav bangles. anyone spot me?

Anyways, my report:

Do not, I repeat, do NOT take the seatings lightly.

Yeah, sure, Taufik always seems to arrive 'fashionably' late, but that doesnt mean you can if you want good seats. My friends and I thought we came at a pretty good time, but we were sat real far away. : C

But not too far as out of sight far, luckily. The students from SP had to stall us for a while with an encore of a performance before Taufik came. Two people were asked to sing for everyone. it was funny.
The worse thing was, the people who came UBER LATE got to sit directly infront!!! Usually, they would have been asked to sit at the back or at the upper stairs that wont block so many people, but instead, the co-ordinators allowed them to sit! *BAWLS*

But anyways, the lights were off, so suspenseful! Really.

I underestimated the maximum volume capacity of fangirls. My ears felt as though all the girls present were stabbing my ears AT THE SAME TIME ALTOGETHER. The screaming and shrieking!!! BUT. I lost myself too. I screamed like nobody's business. Sighe. Haha.

He finally came from behind the curtains!!! All together now....


wowieeee. Although I was seated pretty far back, he was gorgeous. Unfortunately, he was wearing his sunglasses. The camera flashes can be very blinding, so I understand. He was wearing a white shirt, a few buttons opened.

Sorta peek-a-boo. haha. Should've opened a few more buttons for good measure : D Anyways, he basically came to talk to us for a while, the typical you-must-chose-your-course-wisely talk. He was so cute. He sang snippets of Me and Mrs Jones and One last. And he did a nice little dance for us. Smooth.

Then with my rotten luck, I didnt get a sticker stuck under my seat. A sticker was a 'ticket' to a free poster and a pass to the stage to get it and meet Taufik and get his autograph. Only 50 people got them. Bah.

Later on, we promised to shut up so that we could stay a little longer to hear and watch Taufik for a very very short interview by Channel News Asia and Suria(I think). Both, same question, same answer, just different language.

But just before that, the people were getting his autograph and what-not, so he took off the glasses and yeehaw. Pretty face. I went further down, nearer to the stage and saw him closer. He was teh pretty. And smiley. He is muuuuch better looking in person I feel. I hope he saw the hearts I made with my hands. I was the only one giving him those heart hands. He's such a nice person.

He sounds so much better live. You can feel his emotions and soul. Hopefully, he will have a concert, and will release an LP album! It will be so much better.

Anyways, I will post some of the pics my friend managed to get later on, if they're not too blury and if they are recognizable : D
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February 4th, 2005

08:21 pm
You people make me sad. Even if we only have about 5 members, 5 entries are better than none.

If you still do plan on posting for the challenge, comment and tell me, so I will be able to gauge how long I'll keep the challenge. Cause' if not, I'll make the comm icon myself, and you guys can just post your normal non-entry icons.

Those who haven't joined, you still can join even if you don't post. You can look at other people's lovely icons, and vote for them when there's a contest.

I am very sad.

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